Interact with the Gentle Giants in Lombok Elephant Park

Lombok Elephant Park is designed to preserve, care and train
animals in it, particularly elephant. This park offers a unique experience for
visitors to interact with exotic animals.

Meet the gentle giant. via Instagram/marelize_only

Despite the name, this park is not only inhabited by
elephants. There are many other animals that you can meet here. Here are some
brief facts about Lombok Elephant Park.


Having fun with the elephant. via Instagram/lombokelephantpark.official

Lombok is indeed not an elephant’s natural habitat, but this
park has everything to mimic the natural habitat of these giant mammals. The
official address of the Lombok Elephant Park is on the Tanjung Sire Highway,
Sigar Penjalin, Tanjung, North Lombok Regency. This place is 25 km away from
the city of Mataram.

You can interact with the animals. via Instagram/bramastavrl

You can reach this park by public transportation, but you
still have to walk about 2 and a half kilometers. Lombok Elephant Park pick-up
service at hotels in the city of Mataram at a rate of Rp 200,000 per car that
has a capacity of 4 passengers.

Elephant Sanctuary

Elephants are well-cared here. via instagram/travelmints

This place was once a sanctuary to accommodate elephants
whose lives are in danger somewhere else. Because of its growing collection,
the park was then opened to the public. The number of animals accommodated here
also increases over time, and they began to care for animals other than
elephant too.

Cute langur. via Instagram/glassjotter

To ensure that all animals get the best treatment, Lombok
Elephant Park has a professional team that will ensure all animal needs are met
here. Animal’s wellbeing is a top priority in this park.

Animal exhibits

Cute birds. via Instagram/ marelize_only

There are many animals that can be found here. These are
mostly rescued from other places. In total, there are 195 animals from 45
species in this park. You can see Sumatran elephants, orangutans, pygmy hippo,
proboscis monkey, siamang, sun bear, agile gibbon, crocodile, sitatunga, porcupine,
mursbuck, various cockatoos, peacocks, red Lory, barn owl, blue chest parrots,
tiger python, and Komodo dragon.

Wonderful experience

Bonding with the elephant. via Instagram/lombokelephantpark.official

You can enjoy many extraordinary experiences in this Park.
Elephant Meet & Greet gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with this
gentle giant. You can make a bond by lightly caressing their trunk. Then you
can also join Elephant Feeding. Not only giving food to elephants, but you will
also learn about their daily diet from experienced staff. You can also bathe
these elephants in a designated bathing pond.

The cockatoos. via Instagram/hofni_sanak

You can also meet and take pictures with various reptiles
such as giant iguanas and pythons. There are also various species of birds that
are very comfortable near humans. The visitors’ favorite resident is probably
Valent, an orangutan who is very comfortable interacting with humans. Valent
comes to this park from a zoo in Surabaya. Valent is often seen interacting
freely with the visitors to this park.

The birds are comfortable around human. via Instagram/lombokelephantpark.official

Park admission is Rp 200,000 per adult pax and Rp 150,000
for children (2-12 years old). The ticket includes all park experiences except
Elephant Safari Ride.

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