Exploring Pura Meru, the Biggest Temple in Lombok

Lombok Island has many similarities with its neighbor, Bali.
Lombok was once an island that was dominated by Hindus before eventually Islam
came and became the majority religion on this island.

Meru Temple. via Instagram/tickettoadventures

Many Hindu relics can still be seen in Lombok, especially in
the western part of the island. One of them is the existence of the temple of
Meru. This temple has a unique history and is still used as a place of worship
for Hindus.

Location of the temple of Meru

Meru Temple. via Instagram/christinaa_pm

The formal address of Pura Meru is on Jl. Selaparang,
Cakranegara, Kota Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara. Because it is located in the
city of Mataram, you will not encounter any difficulties to get to this temple.
You can use private vehicles or public transportation to reach this temple.

The biggest and its history

The biggest temple in Lombok. via Instagram/davidrakva

This temple is the largest on Lombok. Meru, in the local
language, is a building structure similar to a tower with a multi-tiered roof
made of palm fiber. This temple was built in mutual cooperation by the
residents of 33 villages in Lombok, led by Anak Agung Made Karangasem. The
construction was carried out in the 18th century.

A complex of temple. via Instagram/aditralfath

There are three merus in this temple complex. The main Meru
has a roof of 11 levels while the other 2 Meru are only 9 levels. This place
used to function as a place to organize the mass, as well as a punishment site
for criminals. Needless to say, this temple is also of course used as a place
of worship.

Three main areas

The main area of the temple. via Instagram/marialydiap

Like most Hindus, Pura Meru is also divided into three main areas. The first is the most sacred part of the temple, the Utama Mandala. This is the location of worship for Hindus who come here.

In this area, there are 33 white Sanggah, which are representations of 33 villages that helped build this temple. There are also several gazebos with different functions in the worship procession.

There are three parts of this temple. via Instagram/timtam_break

The center of the temple is called Madya Mandala. In this
place, you can find a two-level gazebo whose function is to hold negotiations.
The last part is Nista Mandala. This third part is a simple yard that is
usually used to hold various performing arts in certain ceremonies.

Some basic rules in Pura

Wear sash. via Instagram/bligedebagoes

Like almost all Holy Hindu temples, there are some basic
rules that must be adhered. For one, you have to dress modestly and politely.
Remember, this is still a worshipping place. There is also an obligation to
wear a sash at the waist, you can borrow a sash from the temple guards. Women
who are on their period are not permitted to enter the temple area.

A meru. via Instagram/zhengllwei

If you are already done exploring Pura Meru, you can shop
for souvenirs and various other things at Cakranegara Market. You can also
continue your exploration to Mayura Park, which is located right in front of
Meru Temple.

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